Why don't sign makers employ proofreaders? Anybody know?

Signs observed in my random meanderings around towns near and far. Proofreader for hire. 

I can help you overcome your fear of talking to strangers by teaching you how to talk about yourself and your talent authentically and succinctly. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. My slogan is “Before you finalize, you need Final Eyes!

When you write about yourself, step away from yourself, ask others how they see you, and write from that perspective. You may even like yourself a whole lot more! And remember: Write with feelings, be brave, be persuasive.

Than is used only in comparisons, so if you're contrasting or comparing one thing to another, use than. If your sentence or statement is not a comparison, but refers to time in one form or another, then you have to use then. What could be easier than that?

Here's a really quick way to remember how to use pronouns that are joined with an "and." Think about how you would say the sentence WITHOUT the other person's name. Now, go forth and make no more pronoun mistakes.

Substituting an apostrophe for one or more letters sorta kinda puts things into a more relaxed feel, sometimes for a casual tone and sometimes to mimic a regional or cultural dialect.

. . . the good news is that this particular graduating class will have a funny story at their 50th class reunion . . .

Fellow word users of the world: unite! Join forces with me to stamp out incorrect uses of apostrophes.

My favorite gripe is the wanton abuse and neglectful overuse of apostrophes. Really! There ought to be an Apostrophe Protection Society to save the little curly babies from being enslaved willy-nilly.

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