Your seminar on perfecting your elevator pitch was the most captivating, interesting and relevant presentation we've ever seen in a music conference.

Peggy is a cheerful and exacting grammar guru, who polished my first novel with sensitivity and a great eye for catching both the little and the big things. I'd work with her again and again! 

Thank you for doing this grueling work (transcribing interviews). You are a life saver and a saint, in my view.


(The instructions were: "If you can break it into categories and do copy editing, I will be able to break it into characters and shape it into a performance work.The more dignity we can give these characters - while allowing for some vernacular - the better.")

We had been worrying about our manuscript that we were getting ready to send to the publisher in England for a second printing. We wanted the second printing of the book to be as close to perfect as possible, as there had been issues in the first printing. We were fretting about words--typos, misspellings and dangling, vague sentences. When Peggy handed us her card at Vicki Abelson's, we felt that things were going to be okay--in fact, Peggy was a godsend. The punctuation is British but that was no problem for Peggy. She attacked the project with confidence, joy and grace. She truly loves words--she was a balm to our anxious souls.


We had a deadline of three weeks and she finished in two. Her extraordinary skill lifted our burdens and put us at ease. We will certainly look forward to working with her on our next project. Thanks, Peggy.


S.E. Feinberg and P.F. Sloan

Wow, Peggy, you are SO good!! Excellent job! I love your changes, edits and clean-ups. Thank you so much. You rock!

I signed a publishing contract today for my book. It should come out in 2015. Thank you for your help and support. Your content and copy editing was a critical part of the process. The publisher said it was one of the cleanest copies he'd ever seen.

Peggy is the Proof Perfectress, with a keen eye for word proper and detail. I appreciate the quality and care of her work. Highly recommend!

You have the best eyes in the business as far as I'm concerned. Right is more important than fast. I trust your eyes. Thank you for your talent. You do an amazing job.

I've spent hours (sometimes all-nighters) glued to my 17-inch MacBook screen creating and editing content for my band's website. Then in comes Peggy with her expertise and shows me up LOL. I've been needing some good, honest feedback for a while now and I LOVED it!

I pride myself on being a "word nerd," but working long hours on a project can make me "proximity blind" to errors. Typos are like having a picture taken with spinach in your teeth. Peggy helps you go to press looking your best. Thank you! 



Peggy is


Guaranteed for a
Great ride while
You write on to Publication.

Hire her post-haste!
End of Story.

If you are looking for someone to copy edit your novel, for both story and grammar, I can recommend Peggy Glenn highly. She provides a line-by-line edit, and goes through every recommendation personally with her clients. Her expertise of language is unquestioned, and she can help improve any serious work.

I took your “5 Steps to an Effective Elevator Speech” class at the TAXI Road Rally. You've given me a lot to think about and I'm in the process of working on all that you recommended in my elevator speech. Thank you so much for everything. I'm also starting to redesign my website based on what you taught in the class. Thanks again.

As a singer-songwriter I did not want to think that I could not write my own promo pieces. But Peggy Glenn showed me the truth with her fresh ideas and her knowledge of what the audience wants. She was able to distill my appeal into a few short phrases, drawing on her astute listener’s experience of me.  She re-did my material with the correctness of a brilliant editor. It’s this focus on the end result that makes Peggy such a valuable resource, and I will continue to use her services as long as she offers them.

Every writer who is getting ready to publish realizes he/she needs at least one editor. But the big question is: who is good and who is not worth the money? I've been a professional editor for many years and no longer do that kind of work. However, my experiences have helped me understand quality when I see it.


Peggy Glenn is a professional editor par excellence of both fiction and nonfiction. I was amazed at how many items of clarity she pointed out that could cause some confusion by readers. Even though many writers have very limited budgets, I believe that spending money on good editors is worth every dollar. If you want to sell the most books, I urge you to spend the money on professional editing. If you want to compete with the pros, then your writing must be polished.


If your budget is tight and you can afford only one editor, let it be Peggy Glenn.

“Peggy catches my back and makes me shine, often with very tight deadlines. Working with her is not only instructive (at my request), but fun. A sense of humor on grammar and spelling issues always makes the lessons sink in a little better. She's fast, fair, and friendly, and always right.”

“I have known Peggy for 14 years. She is an excellent listener and works so well with clients. I refer her whenever her services are required. She is an expert writer/editor. Her attention to detail is second to none. She has the ability to enhance anyone's writing including the identification of typos, misspelled words, pronoun issues, and other errors so easily missed. She will not disappoint!”

“Peggy is insightful, detailed and fast. Her personality and professionalism make doing business with her a pleasure. Her rates are fair and her work is meticulous.”

“As a writer, and the creator/producer of Women Who Write, a bi-coastal literary salon, editor extraordinaire, Peggy Glenn has been an invaluable asset to me. With an insatiable dedication to "get it right," Peggy generously and repeatedly has volunteered her services for my monthly recaps, which are read by thousands of industry insiders who love to find the flaw. I tend to break grammatical rules, utilize a phraseology all my own, adore the run-on sentence, overuse the comma, and yet, Peggy has managed to honor and respect my style, whilst making sure I'm not WRONG. No easy task, I tell ya. See, there I go. Slang. I use loads of it. Peggy understands this about me, doesn't attempt to change me, rather steers me to my best me, avoiding awful "typos," I'll call them, which usually include more than one misplaced apostrophe. I feel insecure about hitting "post" on this without her eyes giving it a once-over. I would not consider hitting “send” to the Huffington Post without her perusal. I hope to have her meticulous eyes make their way through my manuscript prior to publication. Peggy Glenn is a rare gem.”

“Peggy has been great to work with on numerous occasions, including last-minute proofreading projects. She provides much-needed edits and catches misspelled words, grammatically incorrect statements, missed hyphenations, punctuation and much more.”

“Peggy very quickly turned around a script I've been working on for more than a year. She copy-edited and gave continuity notes, as well as asked vital questions that helped enormously.”

“Peggy has the uncanny ability to proof documents for typos, misspelled words, grammar issues and punctuation problems. Her attention to detail is exceptional; she catches things that others overlook. I would highly recommend Peggy to anyone who is looking to improve their written product. In addition, Peggy is a great person to work with; she is smart, professional and gets things done.”

“Peggy worked with me and my group as a booking agent and she proofed our website. She is a lovely person, very organized, and creative. She caught errors no one else had noticed. She is thorough and trustworthy and incredibly reliable. She has been a great support to us.”

“I have known Peggy Glenn for more than 20 years and have always found her professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and “on deadline!” Her skills as a writer, proofreader, and editor are excellent, and she performs each duty with dedication and aplomb. Peggy catches all the typos, corrects all the grammar, and pursues punctuation with a vengeance. She is an exceptional individual, both personally and professionally, and if you have an opportunity to work with her, consider yourself very lucky!”