Website Tune-Up - Ms. Fix-it To The Rescue!


Wouldn't it be just the best service ever if a new set of eyes looked all over your website? Yup, you guessed it. One of my most requested services is the "Website Tune-Up."


Send me an email and we'll get the process rolling.


The first step is that I will arrange for you to send me a small deposit via PayPal.


Second, my eagle eyes will scour every single page of your site looking for:

  1. typos
  2. misspelled words
  3. grammar or pronoun errors or apostrophe abuse/misuse
  4. missing or broken links
  5. information that is out-of-date


And here's the best part:


If I don't find any errors, I will refund half of your deposit.


If I do find errors, I will send you a report of all the places that need to be fixed. 


Finally, you will send me the final small payment and you'll be in tip-top running order.


Could it be any simpler than that? My Tune-Up Tools are ready. Use the "GET IN TOUCH" link on the bottom right to send an email note straight to my shop.


(Are you a member of GoGirlsMusic or participate in the GoGirls Twitter Chat? Contact me for special offer details.)