Before You Finalize - You Need FINAL EYES


There are few things in life that give me as much joy as putting my word skills to work on your writing. I am tirelessly passionate about helping you achieve perfect presentation for your creative efforts. Whether you soar or struggle with spelling, grammar, punctuation, pronouns, typing, or any other issues, the products of your amazing imagination deserve me as your teammate before the project leaves your hands.


Every manuscript, advertisement, press kit, blog, CD package, script, proposal, speech, resume, brochure, product description, annual report or any other written document is given respect when it is received by a reader in pristine condition. Let's work together when your next project is ready for its final set of eyes. We'll polish it into fine shape.


With my help, you will erase any doubts about your written presentation to clients or to the consuming public. We'll team up early in the project to make sure that you have flow and continuity, and then we'll review the final work to check for typos and pesky details. I am the happiest when your work shines and mine is invisible.


I have a unique way of expressing myself, and so do you. I'm very very good at what I do. That means that I can help you do your own thing - in your own voice - with class, accurate language, and really good writing.


Welcome to my world. Let's start working together!

Plural Not Possessive

Boys, Boy's, Boys', Boise - fooled you.

If your sentence or headline speaks of more than one boy, just add an "s" and be done with it. Leave the cute little apostrophe out of the game. Who's in Boise?

Yours, His, Hers, Theirs, Ours, Its

Honest - for real - I wouldn't kid you.

You don't need an apostrophe on these words. They are possessive all by themselves. They're not plural, they're just handy little words that use an "s" as easily as, well, "as" or "bonus" or "fits."

There - Their - They're - Thayer

THERE are three ways to spell that pesky word. Each of them is demonstrated right here, 'er, THERE. Be sure that THEY'RE used correctly, so that THEIR feelings don't become bruised. Oh, and the Thayer family lived next door to me once upon a time. Nice folks. :-)

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