30-Second "Shapshot" Speeches

The Peggy Glenn Wordsmith Way


The scenario: You're in a meeting with people who could make a big big difference in your career. You know you have to "reach" them - tell them what's unique about your project or your talent or your opportunity. Think-Think-Think. What're you going to say? How much can you jam into a few seconds without sounding as if you just inhaled helium? Worse yet? How do you not sound like a robot with a canned speech?


Your authentic snapshot - sometimes you have only 10-15 seconds in today's fast-paced world.


Aha, that's what my coaching is all about. Forty years of wordsmithing and public speaking experience at your service! We'll find the phrase or two that sums up your snapshot. We'll verbalize the picture.


In one-on-one sessions or group sessions, you and I will polish your message and make it completely "you" with no phony fluff. Next, we will customize it with tailored messages for different opportunities. You will know this material at a DNA level, and you will speak with style and class. An additional bonus of this short coaching process is that you will gain confidence that will transfer to every conversation and interaction.


Best of all? You'll kick your addiction to: "I mean..."   "You know..."  and "like..."


Speak with conviction and clarity, and your message will be heard. 

Don't be intimidated when it's time to pitch. You can be a pro!


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Positive results quickly.

Plural Not Possessive

Boys, Boy's, Boys', Boise - fooled you.

If your sentence or headline speaks of more than one boy, just add an "s" and be done with it. Leave the cute little apostrophe out of the game. Who's in Boise?

Yours, His, Hers, Theirs, Ours, Its

Honest - for real - I wouldn't kid you.

You don't need an apostrophe on these words. They are possessive all by themselves. They're not plural, they're just handy little words that use an "s" as easily as, well, "as" or "bonus" or "fits."

There - Their - They're - Thayer

THERE are three ways to spell that pesky word. Each of them is demonstrated right here, 'er, THERE. Be sure that THEY'RE used correctly, so that THEIR feelings don't become bruised. Oh, and the Thayer family lived next door to me once upon a time. Nice folks. :-)

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