Oh My Goodness - at the university level, no less

Oh, dear goodness. I feel so bad for the person responsible for final eyes on this project. Actually, with university funding cutbacks and staffing cutbacks, it's quite possible that nobody even asked for final eyes on this. "Even the best . . . fall prey to occasional typos" is NOT an acceptable write-off for a college commencement bulletin. Hey, the good news is that this particular graduating class will have a funny story at their 50th class reunion, by which time "pubic" might be a quite tame word compared to what will be in public use at that time.


Enjoy:  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/university-texas-apologizes-pubic-affairs-commencement-typo-183616371.html 


The Apostrophe Protection Society was not alerted for this post, but will resume its diatribe and its didactic posts shortly. Stay tuned.

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