Stepping into the Web-O-Sphere - again!

Hmmm, so I sold my business a few years ago and thought I was about to be semi-retired, and not worrying about websites - well, let's say that I thought that for a few months. Couple-a-few factors changed my mind. (1) I was a tad bored at times. (2) People were asking me for help with their word projects as soon as they learned that I was available. (3) My mind is still full of good stuff and I just can't quit - not quite. (4) I guess I'm still an entrepreneur and a customer service nut to the bone. (5) These "kids" today don't know their grammar from their gramma. Oh, and (6) anyone who knows me well knows that I can't let a pronoun error slip by in conversation without opening up my big mouth. (I try to be a tad more gracious on Facebook.)


So, after fiddling around with my own words and other people's words for a while, I figured, "why not WordSmith-ing as a new gig?" I found a website builder that was easy and goof-proof and didn't look homemade (HostBaby rules!). I beefed up my LinkedIn profile after years of beseeching by friends and colleagues. I let the word out about my skills. I volunteered my skills in a few places. Let the word play begin!


Today's WordSmith Lesson:


My favorite gripe is the wanton abuse and neglectful overuse of apostrophes. Really! There ought to be an Apostrophe Protection Society to save the little curly babies from being enslaved willy-nilly. Honestly! They are dragged into way too many words, and they sit up there against the top of the line, their little heads just a-bobbin' along, their little tails just a-swingin' below, all because somebody thinks that that's how you make one girl look like many girls! Seriously? Girl's = belonging to one girl. Girls = more than one girl. If one is writing about more than one girl, a simple "s" will do just fine.


Oh, and don't EVEN think that you can sneak an apostrophe in when you're making letter words plural. Nuh-uh, no way. CDs, IRAs, 401-Ks, BMWs - you read that correctly. Just a handy little "s" will do the job nicely.


Repeat after me:  Plural - Not Possessive. Plural with an "S" - Possessive with an apostrophe.


My other big one is pronoun poison. But, this is enough for now. One rule at a time.


What's the mantra?  Plural - Not Possessive.


Exception to the rule? Not every possessive uses the apostrophe: his, hers, ours, theirs, yours, its.


That is all. Enjoy.

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