Your seminar on perfecting your elevator pitch was the most captivating, interesting and relevant presentation we've ever seen in a music conference.” - Brian Webb, Streetlight Cadence

— Email correspondence

Peggy is a cheerful and exacting grammar guru, who polished my first novel with sensitivity and a great eye for catching both the little and the big things. I'd work with her again and again! ” - Lynn Lipinski, author of Bloodlines

— Personal Testimonial

Thank you for doing this grueling work (transcribing interviews). You are a life saver and a saint, in my view.   (The instructions were: "If you can break it into categories and do copy editing, I will be able to break it into characters and shape it into a performance work.The more dignity we can give these characters - while allowing for some vernacular - the better.")” - J.S. (Screenwriter)

— Personal Email

We had been worrying about our manuscript that we were getting ready to send to the publisher in England for a second printing. We wanted the second printing of the book to be as close to perfect as possible, as there had been issues in the first printing. We were fretting about words--typos, misspellings and dangling, vague sentences. When Peggy handed us her card at Vicki Abelson's, we felt that things were going to be okay--in fact, Peggy was a godsend. The punctuation is British but that was no problem for Peggy. She attacked the project with confidence, joy and grace. She truly loves words--she was a balm to our anxious souls.   We had a deadline of three weeks and she finished in two. Her extraordinary skill lifted our burdens and put us at ease. We will certainly look forward to working with her on our next project. Thanks, Peggy.   S.E. Feinberg and P.F. Sloan” - S.E. Feinberg and P.F. Sloan

— Personal Email

Wow, Peggy, you are SO good!! Excellent job! I love your changes, edits and clean-ups. Thank you so much. You rock!” - Melissa Greener

— Feedback via Personal Email

I signed a publishing contract today for my book. It should come out in 2015. Thank you for your help and support. Your content and copy editing was a critical part of the process. The publisher said it was one of the cleanest copies he'd ever seen.” - Steve Jackson

— Followup Feedback from Previous Client

Peggy is the Proof Perfectress, with a keen eye for word proper and detail. I appreciate the quality and care of her work. Highly recommend!” - Aireene Espiritu

— Personal Testimonial via email

You have the best eyes in the business as far as I'm concerned. Right is more important than fast. I trust your eyes. Thank you for your talent. You do an amazing job.” - Deborah Pratt

— New kudos from repeat client.

I've spent hours (sometimes all-nighters) glued to my 17-inch MacBook screen creating and editing content for my band's website. Then in comes Peggy with her expertise and shows me up LOL. I've been needing some good, honest feedback for a while now and I LOVED it!” - Lisa Tagaloa BAppA Music MERRIN Band, New Zealand

— Personal Testimonial

I pride myself on being a "word nerd," but working long hours on a project can make me "proximity blind" to errors. Typos are like having a picture taken with spinach in your teeth. Peggy helps you go to press looking your best. Thank you!    O='-::” - Donna Lynn Caskey, Banjo Gal

— Personal Communication

Peggy is Precision- Enthused;Guaranteed for aGreat ride whileYou write on to Publication.Hire her post-haste!End of Story.” - Pat Jackson-Colando

— Project-CompletionTestimonial