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I'm a really good editor for other people's songs when I'm not writing my own. It's a blast. I have worked with many co-writers and teachers and have been fortunate to attend Penny Nichols' Summersongs and Wintersongs camps and the Swannanoa Gathering's Contemporary Folk Week residency camp. We can work together to tighten lyrics, strenghten imagery, and improve flow.


I'm always looking for co-writers. Let's create together.


I'm a lyricist. I play a few notes at a time on the piano, but I'm not a musician.


SOOOOOOOOO, my tactic and technique is to team up with talented musicians and melody people who shiver at the thought of stringing words together. So far, it's been a lot of fun. We've created magic. We start with nothing but ideas and talent, and after some collaboration, out comes a song. Wow! Wanna write songs together? Pop songs? Folky songs? Country songs? Songs for kids? Let's connect.


Need a song for a special occasion?


You've come to the right person! We'll talk about what you want, I'll connect with some talented musicians, we'll write words and melody to fit your purpose, and run it by you for review. Then, if you want it in recorded form, we'll make that happen with some of Southern California's best and brightest.


5,6,7,8 -- ah-one an' ah-two

Plural Not Possessive

Boys, Boy's, Boys', Boise - fooled you.

If your sentence or headline speaks of more than one boy, just add an "s" and be done with it. Leave the cute little apostrophe out of the game. Who's in Boise?

Yours, His, Hers, Theirs, Ours, Its

Honest - for real - I wouldn't kid you.

You don't need an apostrophe on these words. They are possessive all by themselves. They're not plural, they're just handy little words that use an "s" as easily as, well, "as" or "bonus" or "fits."

There - Their - They're - Thayer

THERE are three ways to spell that pesky word. Each of them is demonstrated right here, 'er, THERE. Be sure that THEY'RE used correctly, so that THEIR feelings don't become bruised. Oh, and the Thayer family lived next door to me once upon a time. Nice folks. :-)

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