Professional Proofreading - Guaranteed Results


I believe that I have the best set of proofreading eyes in the universe - okay, maybe just this one planet - okay, maybe only in your universe. But, who else counts? Seriously, you are the one who matters in this equation.


I promise to give your project the "Terminator Treatment" for typos, misspelled words, pronoun issues, verb/subject issues, and more. I always-always-always read for continuity - you can count on it.


I am just puffed up enough about my ability to spot a typo from 30 yards out that I don't simply proofread on word count or page count. I give your project the "Final Eyes" treatment to polish it to its finest sheen.


I work on projects from their earliest inception to nearly finished - or finished and desperately in need of editing and cleanup. However, I can never do final proofing on your project if I've been involved in its evolution from rough to smooth. I will call in one of my trusted colleagues for that last bit of help.


Ask for a copy of my rate sheet. If your project is unique and not on there, we'll talk and agree on a fair rate for both of us.


Plural Not Possessive

Boys, Boy's, Boys', Boise - fooled you.

If your sentence or headline speaks of more than one boy, just add an "s" and be done with it. Leave the cute little apostrophe out of the game. Who's in Boise?

Yours, His, Hers, Theirs, Ours, Its

Honest - for real - I wouldn't kid you.

You don't need an apostrophe on these words. They are possessive all by themselves. They're not plural, they're just handy little words that use an "s" as easily as, well, "as" or "bonus" or "fits."

There - Their - They're - Thayer

THERE are three ways to spell that pesky word. Each of them is demonstrated right here, 'er, THERE. Be sure that THEY'RE used correctly, so that THEIR feelings don't become bruised. Oh, and the Thayer family lived next door to me once upon a time. Nice folks. :-)

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